30 mai 2011

``Song name``tag

  Ioana a fost cea care s-a gandit la mine cand a oferit acest tag.Multumesc,draga mea!Mi s-a parut ceva foarte interesant,desi apoi s-a dovedit a fi ceva mai dificil...in fine,sa vedeti ce mi-a iesit.
  Cateva cuvinte despre acest tag: folosind numai titluri de piese ale UNUI SINGUR ARTIST sau TRUPE, raspundeti inteligent la urmatoarele intrebari. Nu aveti voie sa folositi artistul ales de mine si incercati sa nu repetati acelasi titlu la mai multe intrebari.
 Pentru acest tag am ales-o pe Idina Menzel,care imi place mult si ultimamente,chiar ascult foarte des muzica ei.
  Asa ca...my life according to Idina Menzel:

Are you a male or female? - Funny Girl

Describe Yourself - Brave

How do you feel? -I Feel Everything

Describe where you currently live/ Descrie unde locuiesti in prezent -Here

If you could go anywhere, where would you go? - Once Upon A Time

Your favorite form of transportation - Defying Gravity

Your best friend? - ``Don`t Let Me Down``

You and your best friend are - Gorgeous

What's the weather like? -Poker Face

Favorite time of day -I Dreamed A Dream

If your life was a TV show what would it be called? - I Stand

What is life to you? - Take Me or Leave Me

Your relationship - Perfume and Promises

Your fear -My Own Worst Enemy

What is the best advice you have to give? - No Day But Today

Thought for the day -Minuet

My motto - You Don`t Own Me

Cam asta a fost.Vi-l ofer voua,tuturor celor care vor sa-l preia!Va pup!!!

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